Prizes, Grants, Awards

A list of recent (after 2015) prizes, grants, awards obtained by the members of our group

2019, S. Gallerani PRIN-MIUR "Black hole winds and the baryon life cycle"
2018, A. Ferrara    Humboldt Research Award
2017, A. Mesinger PRACE Tier-0, "Galaxy Formation For the Epoch of Reionization (GAFFER)"
2017, A. Ferrara    ERC Advanced Grant INTERSTELLAR H2020/740120
2017, A. Pallottini Lorenzoni Prize
2017, V. Allevato   Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship
2017, V. Allevato   ML-Kannusteraha Grant, University of Helsinki
2017, F. Pacucci    IAU Ph.D. Prize
2017, F. Pacucci    Livio Gratton Prize
2017, F. Pacucci    American Astronomical Society ITG Award
2016, V. Allevato   Astrofit2, Astronomy Fellowships in Italy 2
2016, A. Mesinger NSF, "Illuminating our Early Universe with HERA, the Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array"
2016, B. Patricelli SciNeGHE Award
2016, B. Patricelli Gruber Cosmology Prize
2016, B. Patricelli Milner Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
2016, S. Salvadori AstroFit, Astronomy Fellowships in Italy
2016, S. Salvadori Rita Levi Montalcini Prize
2016, S. Salvadori Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship
2016, F. Pacucci    Yale Postdoctoral Scholars Travel Fund Award
2015, A. Mesinger ERC Starting Grant AIDA
2015, M. Valdes     Outreach Prize, Società Italiana di Fisica
2015, S. Salvadori Observatoire de Paris Fellowship