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Cosmology Group Colloquia

Speaker Date Title
Paola Santini 12 Dec 2023 JWST first results: a revolutionary view of early galaxies
Marta Spinelli 09 Jan 2024 The large-scale structure of the Universe in the era of the SKA Observatory
Laura Keating 06 Feb 2024 -
Axel Brandenburg 16 Apr 2024 -
Christopher Conselice 14 May 2023 -

Journal Club

The Cosmology group has journal club meetings which are weekly informal discussions about recent papers posted on the arXiv, led by a discussion leader. All are welcome to participate! To volunteer to lead a discussion, please send an email to evangelia.ntormousi(at)

Discussion leader Date Paper(s)

Research Reports

Research Reports are informal meetings for the members of our group to present a progress report of their ongoing work.

Speaker Date