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Events 2018/2019

Cosmology Group Colloquia

These are seminars held by some of the leading experts in their field.

Speaker Date Title
Mohammad Safarzadeh sep 19, 2018 r-process enrichment of the lightest galaxies by fast merging neutron star binaries
Mariko Nomura sep 24, 2018 Numerical Simulations of Line-Driven Disk Winds: Near-Eddington Outflows and SMBH Growth
Angela Bongiorno oct 3, 2018 Investigating AGN/galaxy connection and coevolution through multi-wavelength observations
Nick Gnedin oct 11, 2018 Cosmic Reionization
Sarah Bosman oct 31, 2018 The influence of galaxies on the epoch of reionisation
Francesca Vidotto nov 16, 2018 How does a black hole die? Cosmological and astrophysical consequences
Pascal Oesch nov 21, 2018 Galaxy Build-up at Cosmic Dawn
Michele Ginolfi nov 29, 2018 The Baryon Cycle driving Galaxy Evolution
Giancluca Castignani dec 11, 2018 Molecular gas in distant cluster core galaxies
Eros Vanzella dec 12, 2018 And there was (ionizing) light: clues on Lyman continuum galaxies
Anita Zanella jan 8, 2019 Spatially resolved emission line maps: a crucial ingredient to study giant star-forming regions at high redshift
Serena Perrotta jan 10, 2018 ERQs are the BOSS of Red Quasar Samples
Rebecca Bowler jan 17, 2019 Bright star-forming galaxies at z>6
Andrea Merloni mar 13, 2019 eROSITA: Mapping the Hot Universe
Andreas Burkert may 7, 2019 Declining rotation curves, missing baryons and the origin of turbulence: the puzzling properties of high-z disk galaxies
Stephanie Walch-Gassner may 28, 2019 The conditions and impact of star formation in a multi-phase interstellar medium
Claudio Ricci sep 9, 2019 -
Garrelt Mallema 0ct 9, 2019 -

Journal Club

The Cosmology group has journal club meetings on Wednesday at 12:00 in the Meeting Room. These are informal discussions about recent papers posted on the arXiv, led each week by a discussion leader who also chooses the paper(s). All are welcome! To volunteer to lead a discussion, please send an email to andrei.mesinger(at)

Discussion leader Date Paper(s)
A. Mesinger oct 10, 2018
Y. Qin oct 17, 2018
C. Heneka oct 24, 2018
A. Ferrara nov 7, 2018
V. D'Odorico nov 14, 2018
L. Sommovigo nov 28, 2018
S. Carniani dec 5, 2018
N. Gillet dec 12, 2018
A. Mesinger dec 19, 2018
D. Decataldo jan 23, 2019
M. Kohandel feb 6, 2019
A. Mesinger feb 13, 2019
F. di Mascia feb 20, 2019
Y. Qin feb 27, 2019
L. Sommovigo mar 6, 2019
F. Ziparo mar 13, 2019
S. Gallerani mar 20, 2019
H. Kaur mar 27, 2019
R. Mebane apr 3, 2019
A. Pallottini apr 16, 2019
A. Mesinger may 5, 2019
N. Gillet may 14, 2019
J. Park may 21, 2019

Research Reports

Research Reports are informal meetings for the members of our group to present a progress report of their ongoing work.

Speaker Date
A. Viitanen nov 8, 2018
A. Lupi nov 22, 2018
S. Carniani dec 6, 2018
A. Dorozsmai dec 20, 2018
F. Morawski jan 24, 2019
C. Heneka feb 14, 2019
R. Mebane mar 14, 2019
S. Ferrada mar 21, 2019
Y. Qin apr 4, 2019
A. Viitanen apr 11, 2019
N. Gillet may 23, 2019
A. Rudakovskyi may 30, 2019

Numerics Meetings

Our group has regular, informal meeting on software, numerical methods, issues, and other technical things. The general idea is that someone presents something (software package or some method that the leader of the discussion discovered and think could be useful), followed by a discussion and/or questions.

Discussion leader Date Topic(s)
A. Lupi nov 28, 2018 pynbody