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Cosmology Group Colloquia

Speaker Date Title
Paola Santini 12 Dec 2023 JWST first results: a revolutionary view of early galaxies
Marta Spinelli 09 Jan 2024 The large-scale structure of the Universe in the era of the SKA Observatory
Laura Keating 06 Feb 2024 Probing the first galaxies and reionization with the intergalactic medium
Axel Brandenburg 16 Apr 2024 Why are astrophysical plasmas always magnetized?
Christopher Conselice 14 May 2024 -
Maria Charisi 21 May 2024 -
Ely Kovetz 4 June 2024 -

Journal Club

The Cosmology group has journal club meetings which are weekly informal discussions about recent papers posted on the arXiv, led by a discussion leader. All are welcome to participate! To volunteer to lead a discussion, please send an email to evangelia.ntormousi(at)

Discussion leader Date Paper(s)
Steven Murray Jan 25, 2024
Sam Gagnon-Hartman Feb 01, 2024
Nikos Triantafyllou Feb 08, 2024
Yilong Zhang Feb 15, 2024
Sowkhya Shanbhog Feb 29, 2024
Saksham Chadna Mar 07, 2024
Evi Koursoumpa Mar 21, 2024
Ivan Nikolic Apr 11, 2024

Research Reports

Research Reports are informal meetings for the members of our group to present a progress report of their ongoing work.

Speaker Date