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Cosmology Group Colloquia

Speaker Date Title
Claudio Ricci Sep 9, 2019 Absorption and accretion properties of local Active Galactic Nuclei
Garrelt Mellema Oct 9, 2019 The Epoch of Reionization - Implications of early observational results
Alberto Sesana Nov 27, 2019 Massive black holes along the cosmic history: formation, dynamics and gravitational waves
Lichen Liang Dec 3, 2019 Probing ISM conditions of high-redshift galaxies: A view from the FIRE simulations
Carlotta Gruppioni Jan 28, 2020 -
Francesco Tombesi Feb 18, 2020 -
Chris Harrison Mar 2020 -
Lise Christensen Apr 7, 2020 -
Edoardo BaƱados May 2020 -
James Aird June 2020 -

Astrophysics Seminars

Speaker Date Title
Fabio Vito Sep 19, 2019 High-redshift AGN in the X-rays
Susanna Bisogni Sep 24, 2019 The X-ray/ultraviolet relation in quasars. New results with the Chandra Source Catalog 2.0.
Massimo Stiavelli Oct 11, 2019 Cosmology with the James Webb Space Telescope
Sebastiano Cantalupo Oct 15, 2019 Illuminating the Cosmic Web with fluorescent Ly-alpha emission
Seiji Fujimoto Oct 21, 2019 Discovery and Characterization of 10-kpc scale [CII] Halos at z~6
Elisabeta Lusso Oct 30, 2019 Active galactic nuclei as cosmological probes

Journal Club

The Cosmology group has journal club meetings on Wednesday at 12:00 in the Meeting Room. These are informal discussions about recent papers posted on the arXiv, led each week by a discussion leader who also chooses the paper(s). All are welcome! To volunteer to lead a discussion, please send an email to andrei.mesinger(at)

Discussion leader Date Paper(s)
Nicolas Gillet Sep 11, 2019
Alessandro Lupi Sep 25, 2019
Stefano Carniani Oct 2, 2019
Tommaso Zana Oct 16, 2019
Yuxiang Qin Oct 23, 2019
Laura Sommovigo Nov 7, 2019

Research Reports

Research Reports are informal meetings for the members of our group to present a progress report of their ongoing work.

Speaker Date
Harman Kaur Oct 10, 2019
Fabio di Mascia Oct 24, 2019