Data access

SERRA suite of simulations - Public Data Access

The aggregated data of the SERRA suite can be downloaded from here.

We list here all the papers which have made direct use of the SERRA simulation data with a specific link to the data used in each article.

Paper title Link(s) Data
Dynamical characterization of galaxies up to z∼7 [ads][arXiv:2204.05325] Impending
A survey of high-z galaxies: SERRA simulations (Presentation paper) [ads][arXiv:2201.02636] Download
High [OIII]/[CII] surface brightness ratios trace early starburst galaxies [ads][arXiv:2106.05279] Impending
Dust temperature in ALMA [CII]-detected high-z galaxies [ads][arXiv:2102.08950] Impending
Velocity dispersion in the interstellar medium of early galaxies [ads][arXiv:2009.05049] Impending
Deep into the structure of the first galaxies: SERRA views [ads][arXiv:1905.08254] Impending