Events 2017/2018

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These are seminars held by some of the leading experts in their field.

Speaker Date Title
Alexis Finoguenov jul 26, 2018 Galaxy groups around galaxy clusters
Olivier Sarbach jul 12, 2018 The dynamics of a kinetic gas cloud in the vicinity of a black hole
Bikash Dinda jul 6, 2018 Signature of dark energy in galaxy power spectrum on the large cosmological scale and in the weak lensing statistics
Francesco Shankar jun 19, 2018 Selection bias in dynamically-measured super-massive black hole samples and its consequences
Yuxiang Qin jun 13, 2018 Dark-ages Reionization and Galaxy Formation Observables from Numerical Simulations
Nithyanandan Thyagarajan jun 12, 2018 Simplifying the challenge of detecting structures from cosmic reionization using bi-spectrum phase in redshifted 21 cm experiments
Linda Podio jun 7, 2018 The water trail from the cradle of a young Sun to Earth-like planets
Paramita Barai may 22, 2018 Large-scale IGMF with CTA
Gianni Bernardi apr 9/10, 2018 Intro to radioastronomy/SKA
Guilaine Lagache mar 26/27, 2018 Intensity mapping
Alessandro Marconi mar 19/20, 2018 JWST and ELTs
Andrea Cattaneo mar 12/13, 2018 AGN-galaxy coevolution
Simona Vegetti mar 7, 2018 Constraining the free-streaming properties of dark matter with strong gravitational lensing
Monica Colpi mar 5/6, 2018 The Black Holes of the Gravitational Universe
Richard D’Souza feb 27, 2018 Unravelling the Andromeda Galaxy's most massive merger
Massimo Meneghetti feb 26/27, 2018 Gravitational lensing
Mattia Sormani feb 23, 2018 Gas dynamics in the central regions of the Milky Way
Matteo Viel feb 19/20, 2018 Physics of the Lya forest
Pratika Dayal jan 30, 2018 The first billion years of galaxy formation
Seiji Fujimoto jan 23, 2018 Size and Morphology of High-z Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies Revealed with more than 1000 ALMA Sources
Roberto Gilli dec 12, 2017 The physics, environment and evolution of early supermassive black holes
Anita Zanella nov 29, 2017 The [CII] emission line as a molecular gas tracer in high-redshift galaxies
Caroline Heneka nov 22, 2017 Probing the IGM and Cosmology during Reionization
Enrico Garaldi oct 30, 2017 Numerical investigations at high and low redshift

Journal Club

The Cosmology group has journal club meetings on Wednesday at 12:00 in the Meeting Room. These are informal discussions about recent papers posted on the arXiv, led each week by a discussion leader who also chooses the paper(s). All are welcome! To volunteer to lead a discussion, please send an email to andrei.mesinger(at)

Discussion leader Date Paper(s)
N. Gillet jun 6, 2018
D. Decataldo may 30, 2018
V. Allevato may 16, 2018
A. Mesinger may 9, 2018
N. Gillet apr 11, 2018
D. Decataldo mar 21, 2018
A. Mesinger mar 14, 2018
M. Kohandel feb 21, 2018
C. Behrens feb 14, 2018
N. Gillet feb 7, 2018
S. Gallerani jan 31, 2018
A. Mesinger jan 24, 2018
J. Park dec 6, 2017
N. Gillet nov 29, 2017
M. Orofino nov 21, 2017
A. Mesinger nov 8, 2017
C. Behrens oct 25, 2017
A. Ferrara oct 18, 2017
L. Graziani oct 11, 2017
S. Gallerani oct 4, 2017
A. Mesinger sep 20, 2017

Research Reports

Research Reports are informal meetings for the members of our group to present a progress report of their ongoing work.

Speaker Date
N. Gillet may 31, 2018
D. Decataldo may 24, 2018
B. Patricelli may 10, 2018
J. Park mar 1, 2018
F. Di Mascia feb 15, 2018
H. Deep Kaur feb 1, 2018
V. Allevato nov 30, 2017
C. Behrens nov 23, 2017
L. Graziani nov 9, 2017

Numerics Meetings

Our group has regular, informal meeting on software, numerical methods, issues, and other technical things. The general idea is that someone presents something (software package or some method that the leader of the discussion discovered and think could be useful), followed by a discussion and/or questions.

Discussion leader Date Topic(s)
N. Gillet may 31, 2018 Machine Learning, Neural Nets
M. Masevski (visiting) may 10, 2018 Google Assistant Duplex
S. Fogarollo (visiting) may 10, 2018 Golem
C. Behrens feb 8, 2018 Astropy libraries
C. Behrens nov 9, 2017 Python libraries
C. Behrens nov 2, 2017 Valgrind
G. Ucci oct 12, 2017 GLUE